Pet Photo Day

Clearly we need such a holiday! I couldn’t find the creator of this lighthearted pet holiday but still appreciate the sentiment. Onwards to pet photos!

Garrus really enjoys snoozing on the ottoman. In the afternoon he sunbathes here. This is also one of his favorite visiting spots. I’ve been able to occasionally put him on my lap and give him scritches.

Charlie found himself a sunny spot. This is an excellent dual birdwatching and meditation perch.

Mau chills out on the chair, patiently waiting for a human lap to appear.

Feel free to share your pet photos in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Pet Photo Day

  1. I am enchanted with Mau! I can supply everything he needs! Where is he being fostered? Blessings back atcha (to the angels that are fostering him in a difficult situation.) How old would you say he is? I am a senior myself. Looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hello Cheryl! Thank you for checking our Purry Home Companion and expressing interest in our lovely foster Mau. He is being fostered at home with us in the Austin area. Please go to the Austin Pets Alive! website ( and look under “cats that need you most”, where you’ll find Mau’s information. He is estimated to be 15 years old, based on his teeth, but he could be older or younger than this. He will still need his dental surgery.


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