Trick or…Treat?!

All three of my cats know what the treat bag is and what it sounds like when we open it. Lately Aaron and I have been using treats to shamelessly bribe and reward the Downton Tabbies for behaving while being handled and to entice them into our laps. Last night we were able to coax a very curious Charlie onto Aaron’s lap!

Also, Charlie in particular is obsessed with crinkly toys. So now, any time a plastic bag is opened, the cats perk up, thinking it’s treat time. It’s not like we dole them out like candy, honest!

Me: *opening a non-treat bag, minding my own business*

Charlie: Squeak! Squeak! *trots over to my office* Squeak!

Me: Can I help you?

Charlie: *gets onto the window seat, raises one paw in plea, and opens his mouth to let out a pitiful squeak* Whatever it is you are holding, I want it!

Me: This is not for kitties.

Boudicca: *wakes up* I beg to differ. Everything is for kitties! I’m the queen of the house and what I say goes!

Charlie: Squeak! I concur!

Garrus: Did someone say treats?! *comes to investigate, wagging his tail* I like treats. 

Me: Kitties, what I have in my hands aren’t treats!

Cats: Treats? Can we have some? Please? We’re cute. *all three have question mark tails and big hopeful eyes*

Me: Sigh.