Charlie is a hoot sometimes, especially when he’s full of beans and squeaky. The other day I heard him squeaking up a storm on the other side of the bathroom door. When I opened it, I found him sitting patiently, looking up at me. He held a fuzzy brown toy mouse in his mouth. He stood up, dropped the mouse, and scurried off.

I’m not sure if this was a present for me, his way of showing off his latest prize, or a cheeky invitation to play. When I followed him, he proceeded to zoom around the house. Cats are weird, adorable, and often amusing beyond all reason.  

What Are You Doing?

Occasionally, I find Charlie, Garrus, or both Downton Tabbies investigating something intently. If I approach and they completely ignore me, it usually means they have either (a) discovered/appropriated a new toy or (b) created a new game. In the former situation, I always want to double check to ensure they’re not into something potentially harmful. 

This afternoon I saw them repeatedly staring underneath the refrigerator and the oven,  tails twitching with excitement, then they’d scurry off without warning. I wondered what was so fascinating so I watched them. The boys fished out dust bunnies from under the fridge and the oven and batted them around the kitchen with the same delight a small child has when playing with a Christmas present for the first time. (Notice that Charlie does this a lot whenever he finds a new toy!)

Of course, I had to laugh. It’s a relief to see Charlie and Garrus playing like normal. I glanced around the living room and didn’t see many of Charlie’s crinkly balls or springs. I got the broom (of which the boys are quite wary) and used the handle to push any toys out from under the couch and entertainment center. I threw the toys I found in Charlie’s direction. He bounded after them, paws outstretched and tail up high and quivering. There might have even been a squeak of gratitude.