Siamese Pretty Please

Happy National Siamese Cat Day!

Do you share living space with fur people of the Siamese variety? Do you enjoy their talkativeness? Do their blue eyes enchant you?

Siamese Cats 101

  • They are an Asian or Oriental cat with point coloration, i.e. a light body with darker markings on the face, ears, legs, and tail.
  • These point colors come in a number of varieties including Chocolate, Seal, Lilac, Blue, Red, and Cream. There are also Lynx (striped), Tortie, and Tortie Lynx Points.
  • They also have two body types: the Traditional (Old-Style, Classic) and Modern (Show). The latter sports a slim body, small wedge-shaped head, long straight nose, huge ears, and a whiplike tail.
  • Behaviorally, Siamese cats are intelligent, busy, doglike, highly communicative (they will give you a highly opinionated commentary about everything!), and extroverted. They love attention!
  • Siamese cats are chatterboxes with a distinctive loud, low-pitched meow! They caterwaul too and do not like to be quiet.

Modern or Show-Style Seal Point Siamese Cat

Traditional Lilac Point Siamese Cat

I’ve had some exposure to Siamese cats. In middle school, I briefly had a half-Siamese cat but she did not inherit the color-point markings of her mother, a splendid Balinese or long-haired Siamese. Instead Misdemeanor was ink-black without a speck of white anywhere on her. She did, however, inherit the characteristic vocalness and intense inquisitiveness; she had to be into everything, especially all the mischief (hence her name).

Another Siamese cat I knew was a shelter kitten appropriately named Miao. He was feisty (attack all the toys!), demanding, charming, and a handful (he was a kitten, after all, so that was his job). I helped match him to an outgoing family whom he would likely keep on their toes with his antics.

If you have a Siamese cat in your life, be sure to give him or her an extra dose of love and perhaps a treat or new toy today! I’m sure your kitty will thank you vociferously!

Photo credits: Pexel and Pinterest

These splendid fur people are not my own.