Window Watchers

Watching raindrops outside is very serious business. A buddy system is suggested.

“Mom! Be quiet! We’re hunting birds on the patio!” Off camera, a number of small birds flitted around on the patio and backyard, presumably catching insects and worms. Alternatively, Mau and Charlie were contemplating the universe while staring at raindrops and me taking photos disturbed them. Both options are possible.

Blue Jays

Lately it has been rather gloppy. Of course, whenever it rains the birds come out to eat up all the insects and worms that come to the surface. In our backyard our most frequent visitors have been blue jays.

I caught Charlie chattering at them today! It was so cute but incredibly brief. I did snap a few photos of him staring at the sassy blue jays very intently though; he paid me no mind at all.

“Mmm…nibbly birds!”

“Should I stalk? Squeak? No, I think I’ll be a loaf cat today.”