Hugs All Around!

Today is National Hugging Day! It is officially recognized by the United States Copyright Office but is not considered a public holiday. Here’s how you can celebrate:

  1. Give hugs freely. Hug your designated person. Hug your family members. Hug your friends. Offer to give out free hugs to strangers if that’s your thing. (National Hugging Day and the Free Hugs Campaign are not associated with one another.) NB: If someone is not interested in receiving a hug from you, respect that person’s wish. It’s not cool to hug people against their will.
  2. Hug your pets! Boudicca is always down for a hug, especially if lap time is involved. While Charlie is affectionate, a hug is a totally new concept to him. Garrus doesn’t like in-your-face demonstrations of affection, and I respect that. NB: If your pet isn’t keen on receiving hugs, don’t force it. Not all cats and dogs enjoy being hugged. Respect this and instead give your pet another form of affection, like scritches behind the ears or play time.
  3. Give hugs to other pets. Don’t have a pet of your own? Perhaps a family member or friend’s pet is available for assorted displays of affection. You can also head to your nearest animal shelter and become a volunteer. One of the great things I get to do in the cat room at my shelter is make sure all the cats there get enough love and socialization. A number of them are fond of hugs and being held but others prefer an opportunity to explore and play!