My Cats and the Cold

It’s been unusually cold for Central Texas lately–highs in the 20s with a spattering of snow and ice and yes, it’s a big deal here–so we’ve definitely been homebodies. Poor Garrus, he’s slunk around, looking at me with that  mournful expression of his, as he has clearly missed being able to sunbathe. (His batteries are apparently like Wall-E’s.). Boudicca and Garrus alike give me pointed stares until I realize that they want me to unroll the crocheted blankets across the couch (for Boudicca) and ottoman (for Garrus). This is our daily routine, and clearly my cats have me well-trained. Charlie has been the most easygoing of the three, happy to sleep nearly anywhere and doesn’t fuss when Garrus ousts him from his spot in the cat tower. (Charlie gets him back by being a bit of a bed hog.) For her part, Boudicca has also been even more insistent about extended lap time sessions in the evenings.

Perhaps exhibiting symptoms of cabin fever, Charlie has been often the friskiest kitty in the house since the onset of this cold weather. Yes, he is usually pretty playful but this is unusually exuberant even for him. This is more along the lines of, “Play with me! Please lay with me! I will bug you SO MUCH until you play with me! Garrus? Boudicca? Mom? Dad? Inanimate object? Birds outside? Wall? Chair? Imaginary friend? Air? ALL THE THINGS PLAY WITH ME?!” Ahem. Symptoms of unusual friskiness include:

  • So. Much. Zoomies.
  • Inventing new games with zany rules.
  • Playing with and lose ALL the toys. Squeaking about it. Pestering sleeping Garrus or Boudicca, who clearly don’t want to play. Finding Mom and getting her to fish out toys. Repeat.
  • Lots of outrageous adorable squeaky talking (and stopping just before Mom gets out her phone to record it). 
  • Carrying toys around in his mouth, combined with aforementioned squeaky talking and mrreowing (!).
  • Pestering everyone in sight, especially if they’re sleeping.
  • Appropriating new toys, such as stray coffee beans, Cat Genie pellets, kibbles, screws, and Post Its.
  • Instigating loud chase and wrestling sessions with Garrus that wind up beneath the bed as Aaron and I attempt to sleep.
  • Waking up at 6AM, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and definitely raring to go. Charlie’s morning visit’s consists of jumping onto the bed, announcing his arrival by squeaking, and rubbing himself all over us while he flops and purrs. He then follows us into the kitchen and wants a follow-up visit while we eat breakfast. Boudicca is not too happy about this, as this has thrown off her begging routine. 

Charlie’s recent antics have been exceedingly hilarious and charming but also a bit aggravating, at least according to Boudicca, who has been on the receiving end of Charlie’s kittenish pounces more than once. Even Garrus, who has always been Charlie’s buddy, has at times given him the side-eye if abruptly woken from a nap or just wasn’t feeling in the mood to play because he was cold and had situated himself in a comfy spot on the bed. (Garrus has given us side-eye too when he realized we were getting into bed.) 

The sun came out yesterday and Garrus was positively elated. He spend the entire afternoon sprawled on his side (a rare occurrence for such a reserved kitty), basking in the previously elusive sun. I’m sure I caught him flashing his vampy smile. After his sunbath, it was Garrus’ turn to be frolicsome, which meant I caught him twice perched on the table. He denied it, of course. (“I believe you are mistaken, Madam. I would never make such an egregious faux pas”, he seemed to say, showing me his wide, innocent-looking yellow eyes. I was not convinced, having caught him red-pawed in the act twice.) Meanwhile, Charlie sat politely on the floor, his toy mouse beside him and his halo shining brightly above his head.

So far, 2018 has been most interesting…


Just a December Evening Around Here

Egads! It’s actually snowing! The temperature is at freezing. The weather has been gloppy, cold, blustery, and grey before the snow started. The cats, Garrus in particular, have not been happy about the conspicuous absence of sunspots in which to bathe. On the bright side, they have been extra snuggly. On Wednesday night, Charlie came up onto the couch next to me (Boudicca was in my lap) and lazed on the pillow, receiving lots of rubs and purring away very happily. For her part, Boudicca had no idea he was there because she was upside down asleep.

What have my cats been doing to occupy themselves during this spate of wintry weather? Sleeping. Surprise! They are cats, after all. The boys, with Garrus coming to us first with those big mournful eyes of his, politely wait for us to lay out the crocheted blankets over the couch so they can snuggle up all cozy together. Boudicca has been happy snoozing in her pink beds, although occasionally she has stolen a spot on the couch when the boys head off for their own bed or the tower for a nap.

Curiously, all three cats have been intermittently poky, frisky, and attention-hungry this evening.

  • Boudicca turned into a moderate Meower Mouth and pestered me until I picked her up. She seemed both thoroughly confused and pleased as I held her in my lap/against my chest as I sat at my desk. (She normally gets lap time when I sit on the couch.) Much purring occurred.
  • Charlie breaks out in sporadic squeaks and came over for a few pit stop visits. He kept pestering Garrus and Boudicca to play with him and, of course, Boudicca was not having any of it!
  • Garrus has been unusually frisky, complete with scampers (without Charlie instigating scampering session) and poofy tail. And he’s decided to new game (Bug Boudicca) while trying to get her to play with him (tag from the looks of it). I think he’s won every round. Boudicca is decidedly unamused by this turn of events.

Boudicca: Mama! It’s cold outside! And the boys are bothering me! Make it stop! If I hide behind you, they won’t follow me, right?

Me: Queen B, I can’t change the weather. Boys, leave Boudicca alone.

Garrus: *looking directly at me, touches Boudicca’s tail with his tail then darts away*

Boudicca: Mama! He’s touching me!

Charlie: *looking innocent* Play?

Boudicca: No, I won’t, you plebeian! Go away!

Me: Children…

Needy Cats

This morning Charlie woke up and came onto the bed for a visit before we got up. (It was quite snuggly under the covers so we didn’t want to leave.) He was very insistent about receiving sufficient affection and both squeaked and purred up a storm about it. Garrus came onto the bed as well but he had not yet decided whether or not he wanted rubs once he got there. Boudicca arrived late to the game but was more interested in receiving morsels from Aaron than anything else. I think the cats were cold this morning, and that is the factor that underlies their neediness this morning.

Charlie discovered my desk today! Three times he sat on the window seat near the corner of my desk, tentatively put his paws on the edge, and then invited himself onto the desk so he could investigate everything. I’ve been able to pick him up from the desk once when he blocked my view of my dual monitors. I held him against my chest in a snuggle and he purred very loudly about it!

Charlie: Hi Mama. Whatcha doin’? *squeaks*

Me: I’m working at my computer. I will give you rubs, though.

Charlie: What’s up there? I must see for myself! *jumps onto desk, sniffing everything, blocking my screens*

Me: Ahem. Charlie, this is not conducive to working. I need to be able to type and see my screens.

Charlie: What’s work? Besides, I’m cute and more important. Love me?

Me: Oh, alright. *picks him up and holds him*

Charlie: I can get on board with this snuggling thing. *PURR PURR PURR*

Garrus: Excuse me. I am looking for warms. May I sunbathe here?

Me: Absolutely. *gives rubs*

Garrus: *gives mournful look* I’m cold. Please fix it. *finds a stretch of sun and turns into loaf cat* I will contemplate the universe from this location. This spot of warm is acceptable.

Boudicca: This is why I LOVE my bed. Sunlight hits it just right in the morning so I don’t have to get up! And I have my pink blanket. The blanket makes my bed in a box even better. Y’all are jealous of my awesome box-bed.