Saturday Morning Chores

Cats react to commonplace occurrences in entirely different ways. It’s hilarious.

When we’ve sorted laundry into piles on the floor:

Boudicca: I’m intensely concerned! What is happening?

Charlie: I’m a bit concerned. Should I hide? Should I investigate the laundry conveniently placed on the floor? Is this a cue for scampering?

Garrus: Oh. There are clothes on the floor. Interesting. *sniff* Humans are moving around. *steps aside* Beg your pardon.

When we return home after grocery shopping:

Boudicca: Zzzzz.

Charlie: Aahh! The garage door opening! I must hide from the strange sound!

Garrus: Pardon? I was sleeping. *looks around* Oh, our human caretakers are transporting food and supplies into our living quarters. This is acceptable.

When the vacuuming starts:


Boudicca: I concur as I am INTENSELY concerned! I must find a safe spot where the vacuum monster cannot reach me!

Garrus: Um, excuse me, that appliance is loud. I am mildly concerned but I do not think it can harm me. I am safe in my bed.

When we strip the bed of sheets:

Boudicca, Garrus, Charlie: For WHY can we not sleep there? If we are not supposed to curl up on it, why is it made of comfy-ness? We would like to file a formal complaint that you are disrupting our regularly scheduled nap time.


Garrus: Good morning, madam. I see you have fed me. I am grateful.

Charlie: Yes, so grateful!

Boudicca: I EXPECT that the human will feed me as she has always done.

Garrus: Pardon me, madam, but I would like some scritches please. Right on the side of my neck, I’d be much obliged.

Me: Here?

Garrus: Quite so. *flops over, purring*

Charlie: I would appreciate attention too! That would be terrific! *squeaks, flops, rolls*

Boudicca: AHEM. This is MY human and she pets me first. *purr purr snuggle*

Getting Brushed

Cat Parent Achievement Unlocked: Both Garrus and Charlie enjoyed being brushed. (Previously, they shied away from the brush itself.) There was a considerable amount of purring, rolling, belly flaunting, and head bonks until I resumed brushing.


“Hi Mama! I found your window seat. May I have pets now?” ~Garrus

Boudicca sprawled out on the window seat and revved up her purr machine when she simply saw me holding her purple brush. Her coat looks even shinier after a brushing!


Yet Another New Toy

Charlie discovered another new toy: sneaker shoelaces. He tried to drag off one sneaker by the shoelace, and when that failed, he decided zoomies were in order.

Having a two-year-old cat is eerily similar to having a two-year-old child, I imagine. (This one happens to be covered in fur and possibly fueled on the feline version of Red Bull.) So many shenanigans!

Creative Toys

Charlie: Mom! I found a new toy! [Squeak squeak]

Me: Oh? What did you find?

Charlie: This! It’s fun to bat around! [Squeak]

Me: Charlie, dear, that’s a twist-tie.

Charlie:  A toy, yes? Mine? [Squeak]

Me: I suppose so…

Charlie: I also found these toys!

Me: That’s a coffee bean and one of your kibbles.

Charlie: New toys!

Me: You don’t want the crinkle balls I bought you?

Charlie: I LOVE THOSE TOO! [Squeak, play, squeak, pounce, chatter]

Boudicca and Garrus: That squeaky chap doesn’t realize it’s far too early for scampering games. It’s time for sleep!

Playing with Your Food

Charlie has discovered a whole new level to the term “playing with your food”. He has passed over playing with crinkle balls and his erstwhile favorite toy (a twist tie) to bat around a single kibble with kittenish glee. Cue skittering sideways, lots of batting and pouncing, and odd noises.

I’m pretty sure Garrus and Boudicca are doing the feline equivalents of rolling their eyes.