Pet Cancer Awareness Month

No pet guardian wants to hear the word “cancer” linked to their beloved pet. Unfortunately, however, cancer is the #1 disease-related cause of death in pets: 1 in 4 dogs and 1 in 5 cats will get cancer during their lives. The month of May has been designated Pet Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness of pet cancer, provide important information (such as the early warning signs), and raise funds for research into causes, prevention and treatment of canine and feline cancer.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

The Blue Buffalo Foundation’s Pet Awareness Campaign also raises funds to support nonprofits that help families cover costly cancer treatments for their pets. You can donate to this campaign and see exactly where these funds go.

Personally, I have never had a pet that had cancer but I have friends who lost their pets to this disease. I sincerely hope that advances in medical science for humans and pets alike will discover more effective treatments and cures for cancers.

Photo courtesy of Love This Pic

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