Busy, Busy!

I apologize for not posting more regularly but I’ve been quite busy with graduate school stuff. However, I did want to share this update with you:

  1. Boudicca is doing well. She eats like a Hobbit with up to six small meals of wet food a day. She is now on a pill form of a medication to treat her hyperthyroidism. We had previously been using a transdermal compounded gel but it did not work. Some cats are resistant to transdermal medications so Dr. R suggested we switch to a pill, considering that we can crush it up and mix it in with the wet food along with her usual anti-inflammatory, Miralax, and probiotic.
  2. Garrus is also eating wet food. This is in addition to the kibble we offer because he still needs to gain weight. Plus, he seems to prefer the texture of wet food. By giving him his own small portion, he guards and lurks around Boudicca less and doesn’t bolt into a room to get any of her leftovers. Lately he has surprised us by squeaky-meowing as we prepare apportion the cats’ meals. Up until now he has essentially been the feline British Silent Bob since he never “talked”. It’s pretty amusing when all three cats start talking in unison. Boudicca has the lowest pitched meow while the boys have high-pitched squeaks and cheeps. I’ll try to get it on video when possible.
  3. Charlie is adorable as usual. He is a cheerful and affable busybody who visits us regularly in the morning and loses most of his toys under things nearly every day. He is always utterly delighted when I find and return his toys, especially his springs.

I was tidying my desk when Garrus politely but assertively decided to ask for attention. Who could resist that face?

Charlie enjoys his new sunbathing spot. A sun-warmed tummy is a happy tummy.

Sunbathing loaf cat. Right after I took this photo Queen B presented me with her forehead so I could give her a kiss and adoration.

We started sorting laundry when Garrus claimed this towel and sun spot for himself. He didn’t want to give it up, so we let him enjoy it until he decided to got up to play with a crinkle ball.

As you can surmise, my cats have a very hard life…They’re not spoiled or slightly over-loved at all!

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