Happy Cat Lovers’ Month!

According to Catster and the Humane Society of the United States, December is officially Cat Lovers’ Month! To all fellow ailurophiles, enjoy the month! Love on your fur people!

Do you like cats but cannot own one? Here are some ways that you (and fellow cat owners alike) can celebrate Cat Lovers’ Month:

  1. Volunteer to love on and socialize cats at your local animal shelter.
  2. Help out at an adoption event.
  3. Foster a cat in need of a home.
  4. Donate money and/or much-needed supplies to a shelter or rescue organization.
  5. Offer to cat sit for a friend or family member and ensure that their fur people are well cared for in their owner’s absence.
  6. Teach children (and adults!) how to gently and appropriately interact with cats, and by extension, animals in general. Basic pet etiquette is important for everyone to learn, and this knowledge benefits humans and pets alike in countless ways.

There are numerous ways you can demonstrate kindness, compassion, and charity without breaking the bank. These gestures can be big or small. What can you do on behalf of cats?

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