Slow Blinks

IMG_1800Cat Parent Achievement Unlocked: Receiving unsolicited slow blinks

Charlie is currently scampering around the house after a long cuddle and snooze session with Garrus. There’s lots of squeaking, investigating, and probably some toy relocation/stealth regifting. Several times I’ve seen Charlie trotting down the hallway and I’ve waved my hand at him to let him know he can come to me for rubs. (The hand wiggle gesture is our way of beckoning kitties for rubs and inviting them onto the bed or couch. Each cat owner, I assume, has their own gesture for a similar purpose.) He’s given me slow blinks each time I’ve done this. I win.

Me: Hi little man! Whatcha doin’?

Charlie: Hi Mama! *much squeaking*

Me: Would you like rubs?

Charlie: Oh yes, please! *slow blinks followed by squeaking; jumps onto the window seat* I have arrived! You may now pet me! Behold! I am so pettable! *more squeaking*
Garrus: *lingering in the doorway* Excuse me, Madam. May I also receive gestures of affection? I find them agreeable. *gives big vampy smile and slow blink followed by a head bunt*

Boudicca: *waving paw at me from her pink bed* Mama, pay attention to me now! Is it lap time yet?

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