Charlie’s Getting Better

Thankfully, Charlie is taking his medication in a Pill Pocket without a fuss, and each time we give him his medication we’ve noticed that he perks up soon afterward and seems more normal. A couple of days ago he did vomit…but he threw up a feather! 


Apparently he had eaten something he wasn’t supposed to and that was making him feel gunky! The vet called twice this week to check on him and I told her my finding on the second call. Only one of his toys has feathers on it but he likes the crinkly middle part the most. The vet advised that I take it up (I already had when he got sick) and not give it back. Some cats can be trusted to play with feather toys and not eat them. Charlie simply may not be one of them. As I’ve said before, he’s essentially a furry toddler, so naturally he gets into mischief!

As Charlie recovers, he is acting more and more like usual self: playful, wants to visit, and squeaky! We’ve been able to entice him onto Aaron’s lap with treats and he is slowly getting accustomed to lap time. We think that once he gets the hang of it, he’ll be a big fan of it. 

For his part, Garrus is also acting more normal. He seems less stressed out and overly protective of Charlie and more laid-back but reserved. Garrus is not an effusive cat. It’s interesting learning how to read him and see what makes him tick. 


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