One of Those Days…

The cats were decidedly not happy that Aaron moved furniture around and brought out the dreaded vacuum monster as he cleaned the house. I’m fairly sure the cats plotted their revenge…

Garrus: Beg your pardon but why are all the kitchen table chairs in the middle of the living room? This is unacceptable! *scurries off* 

Charlie: I am concerned! The vacuum monster will eat me! The world is ending! Run away! *flees behind the couch*

Boudicca: I am intensely concerned! The vacuum monster is prowling! Save yourself! *tries to hide* 

Cats: What would stop the vacuum monster? Hmm… *Charlie comes out into the middle of the living room and vomits*

Me: Aaaahhhh!

Boudicca: Me too! Blaah! *goes to my office, retches on her bed, then vomits on the floor*

Aaron: Aaaahhhh! Why is everyone barfing?! Can we go a day without somebody barfing please?! *pointing to Charlie* What is this nonsense? You were getting better! *pointing to Boudicca* Did you pig out? Is that why you’re puking? Enough with the floor barf!

Garrus [three hours later]: I think I ate too fast. Blah! *pukes on our bedroom floor*


Cats hate change. When they protest about it, things can get messy. Ç’est la vie avec les chats.


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